Professional Instrument & Musical Theory Tuition

Guy at Townley Music’s musical  knowledge and understanding of musical genres, techniques and learning styles goes over and beyond our delight. His outstanding skill is finding the interests of his pupils and to instil in them a love of music and the joy of learning and playing pieces.

His enthusiasm is infectious and his ability to encourage our Son to go beyond his own expectations is impressive. He talks to Seb about what he wants to achieve and to set him goals that will stretch his performance.  He is able to set our Son at ease and to relax him into playing and to make it fun.  He has a great knack of pointing out errors in a humorous way that encourages our Son to work out the mistakes in a supportive environment. Our son's musical abilities blossomed under Guy at Townley Music’s guidance and it is wonderful to hear him play pieces that he has worked through with Guy. Seb has been having lessons with Guy since he was 7, he’s now nearly 16 and really enjoys his guitar lessons each week, he’s successfully made it through to grade 6 all thanks to Guys tuition. Would highly recommend him as a professional guitar teacher.

Kind regards

Simone Lucas (Trowbridge, Wiltshire)

Guy has managed to turn an old fogie into an aspiring old rocker. I think its too late to reach stardom but I can still dream! He has the patience of a saint and is very supportive and teaches in plain English. He is going along with my musical taste rather than a set curriculum which makes it enjoyable for me - but then I am not trying to achieve grades.

I should have done this 50 years ago!

Tim Wilson (North Bradley)

I have been playing guitar on and off for about 8 years and over the past 2 years I have been playing much more seriously since joining a band. Over that time I have tried a number of different teachers, but I've never found one that had more of an impact than what I could achieve on my own or one that actually listened to what I wanted to achieve and helped build a plan around that. After having reached a plateau in my skillset I was desperate to take my playing to a new level and started to search for a teacher again. Guy was referred to me by my step dad and I was quite reluctant as he was the third teacher referred to me in the space of 3 months and I was about to give up on my search.

Needless to say, since my first session with Guy I have never looked back. Although I'm based in Australia and he's in the UK I wanted it to work because he is the best teacher I have ever worked with. We run our sessions over skype and although it's not the most ideal method we have extremely useful and effective sessions. At the end of every session I am energized and excited to play because I've learned something new to try out. Guy actually listens to me and explains complex theory into very simple methods of application. Guy's approach is completely based around what I want to achieve, my music tastes and how I can make change instantly, rather than having to read theory and music or

practice other styles of music before I can achieve my goals, which is what most conventional teachers do.

I couldn't recommend Guy highly enough - he's completely changed the way I play and I love it!

Tass Lee (Sydney Australia)